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What You Will Receive ...

  • Personalized home treatment plan
  • Step-by-step instruction on home treatment skills
  • Continuous instruction until concern is resolved
  • Information on prevention at work, at home, or with sport performance
  • Individualized Exercise and Stretching program with picture, instruction and frequency


Time-Limited Introductory Offer


No credit card required.

Sophie Xie, DPTDoctor of Physical Therapist

My favorite part of treating pain and injuries is when teaching patients to help themselves. People think it takes magic to make their pain go away, especially when the pain has been bothering them for month and years. Well, in rare cases that is true. However, most of us will be amazed with what we can do for our body, to help it heal, to enable them move and live better. Professional guidance and advice  for pains and injuries are my specialty, and you have it at your fingertips.