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Teaser: 5 undiscovered office hacks for back pain that you got to love


office hacks for lower back pain

This is a teaser for a guest blog post by Sophie published on vitl.com. Please follow this link to the full post.

You glance at the time again, and it has only been 15 mins since you took your break to straighten your back earlier. This time, you lean your body the left, hoping this may relieve the tension in your lower back for a while before having to shift your posture again.

Does this sound like your 3 pm on a dragging work day in the office, battling the creeping lower back pain, again?

Lower back pain is a common condition among people who work primarily sitting down. Over the years, some brilliant products, such as lumbar support pillows, exercise balls, and ergonomic adjustable tables and chairs, are introduced and beloved by this working population.

However, the mounting hours of sitting may still be beating simple attempts for relief to the ground.

Are you one of them? Are you ready for some refreshing tips from a professional pain healer? ... ... [Continue to the full post here ->]

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[Continue to full post ->]

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