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By Sophie Xie / August 26, 2016

How to DIY plantar fasciitis taping for full day pain relief

plantar fasciitis taping for pain relief

In this post, I will teach you MY way of plantar fasciitis taping. This type of taping can provide you with extra support for the fascia and ligaments and provide pain relief for up to 48 hours.

If you are familiar with sports tapes, you should already know the endless ways you can use these tapes to support your musculoskeletal functions, improve sports performance, prevent injuries, speed up recoveries and provide pain relief.

A little about the tape

The most well know tapes are Kinesio tapes, and they are the tapes you will need for the plantar fasciitis taping. The commonly used brand used in the most professional settings, such as physical therapy clinic, sports medicine clinic, or chiropractor clinic, is the original Kinesio Tex founded by the original inventor of kinesiology taping Dr. Kenso.

Over the years, other brands of sports tapes with similar qualities are also available in the markets. Among them, KT tape has become the easiest accessible sports tape to the mass public, available in local drug stores.

Despite being highly effective, sports taping can get expensive really fast. To keep my families' taping cost in control, I bought some knockoff brand Kinesio tapes. To my surprise, they work just as great, with equivalent stretchiness and adhesiveness with the actual Kinesio Tex costing only half of their price.  It is definitely worth a try. If you experience quality issues with these new or knockoff brand tapes, please leave me comments so that I can take off this recommendation. 

Basic taping techniques

Clean your skin before applying any tapes to make sure that each tape will stay on as long as possible. Lotion, sun block or sweat can diminish the tape's adhesive ability. Body hair is another issue some people need to consider addressing if applying tapes repetitively for recovery or sports performance. 

There are four things to remember when DIY Kinesio taping for any body parts.

kinesio tape rounded corner
  • Round the corners - if you do not wish to re-apply the tapes every couple of hours, you want to take a few seconds to cut the corners off. Sharp edges tend to get caught on cloth or in action, causing the entire piece of tape to peel off prematurely. (Some brands sell precut pieces with already rounded corners for higher price.)
  • Tear the paper 1-2 inches away from each end- You can tear the paper easily without damaging the tape itself. Once you made two tears, one close to each end of the tape, you have separated the paper side to three portions - the large middle portions and two smaller pieces to the side.
kinesio tape tear paper
kinesio tape tear two end
  • Stretch the larger middle portion - Once you are ready for the tape to go on, peel off the middle paper protection and hold the tape by the two ends where the paper is still in place. Stretch the tape fully to 100% and release some. Then lay down the tape, while stretched, over the injured body part.
stretch Kinesio tape
  • Leave 1-2 inches of an unstretched anchor on each end - The magic of the Kinesio tapes are largely related to the stretchiness of the tape. However, the two ends of each tape should be laid down flat to help the tape stay in place.

Plantar fasciitis taping pattern

1. Cut three pieces of Kinesio Tapes. Each piece is slightly shorter than your foot. So if you have a larger foot, you will need slightly longer tapes. 

plantar fasciitis tape length and feet
plantar fasciitis taping feet and three tapes

2. Round the corners and tear the paper side 1-2 inches from each ends. 

plantar fasciitis tape peel middle

3. Tape one with 50% stretch covers the plantar fascia with slightly diagonally, cuffing one side of your heel. Pull your toes back and lay down the unstretched anchor end over the ball of your foot.

plantar fasciitis taping first tape
plantar fasciitis taping step 2

4. Tape two also covers the plantar fascia, with the tape swing to cuff the opposite side of the heel with similar technique as tape one.

plantar fasciitis taping second tape
plantar fasciitis taping step 3

5. The third tape with 100% stretched covers over the most painful segment of your feet.

plantar fasciitis taping step 4

6. Rub over the tapes to produce some surface heat to activate the adhesions.

There are other similar pattern and instructions for plantar fasciitis taping. Check out this video by KT tape for another version of this plantar fasciitis taping.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this post helpful.

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