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The Ultimate review: Best shoes for plantar fasciitis pain relief

shoes for plantar fasciitis

Ah, yes. The big question! What are the best shoes for my painful plantar fasciitis pain? 

Today, there are too many choices in footwears. Even shoes that claim to help with plantar fasciitis can fill up an entire department store. The good news is that cushioned and supportive shoes are available in all genre of shoes, and you can find your PF shoes in your favorite category and designs too.

Features review​

Both footwears and insoles have similar features to correct foot alignment problems. These problems would make the plantar fasciitis condition much worse if ignored.

Arch height or instep height:

Most of us are aware that feet come with arches and arches come in different heights. Arch support is a crucial feature because our arches bear a significant portion of our body weight. Whether you have a high arch or collapsed arch, the best shoes are those that support your original and natural arch height.

​Heel cushion

Heel cushion has two importance. It provides the optimum heel lift (about 1 - 1.5 inches) to relieve stress on the heel. It also absorbs a significant amount of impact force with every step you take.

​Heel support

Heel support function like a cup, hugging and holding your heel upright. By supporting your heel in proper alignment, your ankle joint and muscles around it can function properly. The more your feet overpronate, the more heel support you probably need.

The trick is to find the shoe with the most support, yet does not irritate your plantar fasciitis pain.

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Best Running shoes for plantar fasciitis

Sports shoes are the foremost type of shoes that provides features targeting population with heel and foot pain. No doubt, these shoes are highly durable, with breathable materials and firm support for both arches and heels.

Most endorsed running shoes by plantar fasciitis sufferers who has flat or overpronated feet. The Gel Kayano 22 has Fluidride technology gel cushion in both forefoot and rearfoot to absorb impact for both walking and running. In addition, you will love the Duemax rigid foam that provides arch support. All these technologies are there to ensure that these features do not weigh down the footwear and impair your performance.

Pros: Perfect distance shoe for mild/moderate overpronators, impact protection for long runs, comfort as if "walking on cloud"

Cons: Price

*The older version ASICS Gel Kayano 21 is just as good for plantar fasciitis footwear. Those are likely to be cheaper too.

Another highly hailed model of running shoes, also best suited for whose with flat or fallen arch (overpronated feet). This shoe features many flashy technologies designed to absorb or disperse impact from running or walking on the hard surface: cushion, cushion, and cushion! It provides firm midsole arch support for flat and medium arched people. They should make you feel comfortable and supported right out of the box, no breaking in period needed.

Pros: Arch and heel support for functional alignment, lots of cushion for road running

Cons: Many complaints of rubber on the sole coming off easily. 

*The older version Brooks Adrenaline Gts 15 are also excellent choices. Many people with PF pain even prefer the older version. Those are likely to be cheaper too.

The New Balance company is proud of their "made in USA" claim. If the process of production matters to you, You are likely looking at the right shoe. The W990v3's are made for people with medium arches. These shoes provide lightweight firm arch support and cushions, ideal for both running and walking.

Pros: Spacious shoes for large feet. Arch support with lots of cushioning

Cons: A few complaints about possible cat urine smell once gotten wet.

Best Walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

A long time favorite of walkers, the Brooks Addiction Walker is packed with materials and technology. The PDRB triple-density post provides excellent midfoot support for over-pronation, as well as motion control and stability. The cushion technology MOGO is also award winning midsole for shock absorption. Most people rave about two things: comfort and sturdiness. 

Pro: Unbeatable comfort, support and stability, especially for larger people.  

Cons: Size may run a bit small

Orthotics are meant to provide max support and stability within footwear to treat ankle and foot faulty alignment conditions, such as over-pronation and heel eversion. The Orthaheel walker shoes are like shoes with built-in orthotics, so that the shoes and orthotics are the perfect fit. Though not designed for sport and active wear, these walkers are massively endorsed by professionals such as teachers, nurse or within the service industry.

Pros: Professional level orthotic insole, gentle heel lift, good cushion

Cons: Orthotics are meant to be rigid and firm. Although the insoles are cushioned with plush material, some people with sensitive feet still find it a bit stiff.

Best professional/dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

When formal attire is required by your profession and lifestyle, you might need some supportive yet fashionable footwears to fit in with your outfit and event. If you only need heels for once-in-awhile events, you can save some money by putting gel-based arch support or forefoot cushion to survive the day. 

The following brands have an excellent reputation for making feet-friendly dress shoes. 

ABEO dress shoe

ABEO shoes with B.I.O. System

ABEO shoes are made with Biomechanical orthotics built-in to all their footwears. The way B.I.O. System work to take your 3D "digital footprint" and fit you with the best shoes to align and support for feet, ankle and entire body weight. It is quite amazing. The result is that you get the most comfortable fashion shoes your feet have ever worn. You can get your "digital footprint" taken through a Digital Foot Analysis Station at a local retailer store, such as The Walking Company store.

If you didn't find the style or design you like in the store, you can look into their website at They make sports, casual and dress shoes, as well as sandals and slippers, for both man and woman.

Pros: Amazing support and cushion and fashionable designs, custom fitting.

Cons: Price and exclusive retailer.

Softwalk is another brand of comfortable fashion shoes. Their shoes come with ultra-soft plush insoles with padded arch support. In my opinion, Softwalk shoes are unbeatable in terms of cushion, and lacking firm midsole support for stability. Great for people with sensitive flat-foot (not fallen arch). Larger sized feet or people might need extra support.

Pros: ultra-soft sole, padded arch support and heel cushion

Cons: Lack firm midsole support

The Vionic company also make a large variety of shoes with technology for support and comfort. They use the Orthaheel technology on their flat soled shoes and Elevated Support technology on their wedges and heels. Vionic also produces orthotics insoles ideal for plantar fasciitis pain relief. These padded supports are designed to correct ankle and foot pronation, to restore foot alignment.

Pros: Good arch  and heel support, and forefoot cushion for heel. 

Cons: Price, inconsistent sizing

You might not accept these bulky designs at first encounter. However, these clogs will grow on you with their unbeatable support and stability. The Dansko clogs are created for professionals who spend a large amount of time on feet. They are endorsed by many medical professionals for relieving plantar fasciitis pain. These clog collection shoes are also approved by American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting better foot health.

Due to their ever increasing popularity, the Dansko clog collection is now filled with an exciting amount of variety in designs for both men and women.

Pros: Good arch  and heel support, and forefoot cushion for heel. 

Cons: Price, inconsistent sizing

Best Sandals and flip-flops for plantar fasciitis 

Flip-flops are, by no means, ideal footwear for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. However, life calls and you have to be there. Some of the following brands offer goodness for your feet on summer days.

The OOFOS flip-flops are designed with arch support and rocker bottoms, optimized for walking for sensitive feet.

Pros: Scientific design for comfortable walking achieved with least amount of material, Durable for outdoor activities

Cons: Simple unisex design

ABEO BIO sandal

ABEO B.I.O. Sandals

ABEO also makes sandals and flip-flops for both men and women. These quality summer footwears also reflects their B.I.O. technology. You can get fitted through a Foot Analysis Platform machine in most The Walking Company store. 

ABEO man's sandals

Pros: Custom analysis for best fitted shoes, upscale design and quality

Cons: Price

Orthaheel shoes are more affordable than ABEO counterparts and more variety than OOFOS flip-flops. If you are shopping for an upcoming vacation, you should really consider Orthaheel sandals or flip-flops for walking friendly breezy footwear.

Pros: Shaped for support, lots of design to choose from

Cons: Can use a bit more cushion

Best hiking boots for plantar fasciitis 

Another population that gets depressed in the face of plantar fasciitis is outdoor enthusiasts. You spend days hunting, hiking and climbing in stiff protective boots. Comfort, protection, support, and traction are all crucial when you are miles and miles away from your vehicle or cell phone signs.

KEEN footwear is famous for making the outdoor footwear that has everything your feet need to perform out in the wild. The footbed is designed to fit the natural contour of your feet, providing both arch and heel support in a cork/memory foam cushioned insole. These boot's ample support is essential for those suffering from plantar fasciitis pain.  

KEEN also makes shoes for other purposes as well. What's worth noting is their working steel toe boots collection, designed with hard working people in mind.

Pros: Well designed insole and footbed with weather and hazard proof, moisture control, flexibility, traction, lightweight...everything outdoor boots.

Cons: Price

Ahnu outdoor shoes feature slightly different structure designs for men's and women's shoe to maximize support and performance. They are lightweight, has a more urban feel to it compared to the heavy duty essence of its competitor. 

Pros: Insole designed similar to athletic footwear with good support, stability and cushion, ideal for plantar fasciitis pain relief

Cons: Sole is slightly thinner than other options

Danner shoes are made to last. They specialize in making boots that tackle the toughest conditions, whether that's in the wilderness, in workplace or the army. They rave about their patented Terra Force support system to facilitate motion energy transfer, preventing muscle fatigue.  

Pros: Supportive durable hiking boots, not likely to wear out anytime soon

Cons: lacks padding or cushion

And these are my recommendations for footwears with support, cushion, and stability to ease plantar fasciitis pain. Do not forget to exercise and stretch daily to improve foot and ankle stability. Only through improve your own body can you effectively keep plantar fasciitis pain from taking over your life again.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this post helpful.

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