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The Ultimate review: specialty socks for plantar fasciitis pain relief

socks for plantar fasciitis pain

Have you tried several forms of plantar fasciitis products, such as specialized orthotics, shoes, or taping, yet somehow they don't fit into your daily routine or lifestyle? If that's the case, you may consider changing up your socks for something more special - specialty socks for plantar fasciitis pain

For athletes and runners, you can find extra support in socks so that you can continue to wear your favorite sports shoes.

Socks and sleeves are also more comfortable to wear to bed for constant compression and pain-free morning.

Even around the summer beach and pool, sandals and flip-flops can not stop you from fighting foot pain relief with arch support sleeves.

Compression socks

The most popular specialty socks for plantar fasciitis are compression socks. How does compression help with your foot pain?

First of all, compression acts as a gentle support for arches and heels. These socks are divided into zones that target different part of the foot. Each zone has a different compression level to provide support where it's needed. It's like growing an extra few ligaments and tendons to help the foot to function better.

In addition, compression can also help your feet to recover faster. Inflammation of the plantar fascia often causes swelling and edema in your feet and ankles, in particular with a lot of standing and walking. Chronic swelling will slow the healing process by preventing proper blood circulating. Compression socks are high effective in reducing swelling to protect your healing progress.

Compression socks for runners

High reputable brand with quality compression socks for runners. They are very proud of their Drystat material to control moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Firm compression in midfoot for arch support and plantar fasciitis relief.

Pros: Arch support, calf support, moisture control, good quality.

Cons: A bit pricey, may be difficult to put on.

These high-end running socks are not only providing compression to midfoot for arch ligament support, they are also made of ultra-thin materials that do not restrict movement. Compression level on these socks is medium, not overwhelming. 

Pros: Midium arch compression support, wouldn't restrict movement, very comfortable.

Cons: Pricey. Thin materials might bunch up depends on walking and running habits. Socks come up pretty high. Look out for knock-off products.

Low-rise compression socks

No need to say more. Everyone loves these socks on Amazon. These socks without toe covering are called sleeves. They are perfect when you need to wear open toes or sandals. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear to bed to relieve the worst pain of PF pain - morning pain.

Pros: Ultra thin and light. Medium compression for arch and ankle support. Special material to control moisture and odor. Affordable.

Cons: Limited information on compression grade level from the makers of these socks. Not for those with severe or pitting edema. Some complaint of durability problems.

Another Amazon favorite among plantar fasciitis socks. The buttons and pleats socks are more sock-like than just sleeves. They are thicker and provides more compression. I don't understand why they don't make a full-sock version so that people can wear their boots and tennis shoes more comfortable. 

Pro: Max compression yet still comfortable.  

Cons: Size run small, may not fit people with large feet size.

Italian sock maker who also uses Drystat as material for moisture and odor control. Full socks specialized for firm compression around midfoot to provide arch support.

Pros: Good arch support, ideal for your sport and active wear.

Cons: Size run large. Better compression for larger foot size and compression diminishes if you wear smaller size socks.

Arch padding straps

The following is not exactly socks. They are the strap on arch support, allowing you to be able to wear any footwear or none at all, without flaring up your foot pain. They are useful under certain situations and easy to carry about.

This was an "as seen on TV" kinda product. Simple, easy solution to an ultra complicated world of podiatric conditions. Yet, it is able to help a majority of its users to find convenient pain relief, especially on flip-flop days.

Pros: Gentle compressions and soft arch padding

Cons: Some people find it rolling and moving around on feet. Poor durability, not for everyday use.

Another simple yet highly effectively arch support product. Unlike the soft padding above, these small and plain looking sleeves are designed to support the arch ligament as you walk. They can also be worn over the socks or wear to bed.

Pros: Simple, barely noticeable with wearing them. Great to wear overnight for morning pain relief.

Cons: ​Sizing is a bit tricky.

Soft night splint for plantar fasciitis pain

The last type of socks for plantar fasciitis treatment is not meant to be a sock. It is, in fact, a night splint with improved comfort. If you ever had severe or chronic plantar fasciitis pain, you may have been instructed to wear a clumsy boot-like splints to bed for a few weeks. These splints hold your feet in dorsiflexion at all time, making bedtime a nightmare so some people. 

Strassburg Sock $35 - $45

This sock-like night splint, or splint-like sock, provides the overnight treat with comfort. Unlike the traditional splint, you can roll or twist your ankle freely. You may also adjust the degree of dorsiflexion that you are comfortable with, and progress over the course of the week as your calf muscle and plantar fascia have been gently stretched.  If you are desperate to get better from plantar fasciitis condition, it is worth a try to wear this sock along with the compression sleeve to give your tissue the maximum support to heal faster.

Pros: Drastic improvement in comfort compare to traditional night splint.

Cons: some people found these socks over stretch the big toe (I think they should improve the design to fix this). If you have restless leg syndrome, you may have trouble sleeping with any form of restriction.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this post helpful.

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