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Sophie Xie, DPTDoctor of Physical Therapist


I'm Sophie. ​I am a geek and a hopeless foodie. And, oh, I am also a proud physical therapist. I have always strived to be an exceptional skilled therapist. And I have always been proud of every bit of pain I busted, and every life I touched through my knowledge and persistence. Over the years, the people I treated and their life stories tickled somewhere in me. Intimidated as I am, nothing is going to stop me from reaching out to the world of ... all of you. I want the voice of a therapist being heard by more.

I want to jump with hands waving like crazy, screaming "I TREAT SHOULDER PAIN! I TREAT BACK PAIN! I TREAT A LOT OF BODY CONDITIONS AND I CAN GET YOU FEELING BETTER!" I will look like a crazy person...so, here I am, doing exactly that.

Personal hobbies and perks ...

​My life goal is to travel the world. I am huge fan of literatures and culture. I travel for the history and legends of strange lands and their exotic cuisine! Next stop: Italy. 

I used to play World of Warcraft, until I became a mom. Now, I play world of household destruction and choke hazard. The later one requires more skills. I stay in touch with the geeky side of me through movies and TV shows like, Harry Potter Serie(new ones coming out!!), Lord of Rings and Game of Throne. I always watch the screen version first (so I won't be disappointed), then go back to the original text and drool over the delicious details.

My favorite celebrities are: John Oliver, Jennifer Lawrence, Jim Parsons and Piano Guys.​